Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good News...

I just got accepted to my BASW internship for the 2009-2010 school year....

At the Spokane Fire Department!!!

Here's the link to the overarching goals of the program

It's in the Regional Public Safety Campus, which is a huge area of
massive buildings for training and drilling of any and all emergency
response personnel.

Super excited!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day...

We just had an amazing day today that I count as one of the best, if not THE best Mother's Day ever!

First we had a great breakfast and had a nice laid back morning. Put the little ones down for an early quick-nap and then got up and got ready for the rest of our day.

We went to a Pow-Wow here in Cheney. Here's a similar video clip of what is was like today It was so neat! We didn't stay for the entire thing as it went from 11am to 11pm, but we were there for nearly two hours watching the dress, dancing and listening to the live music. Even little ones as young as three were dressed up and danced. The girls brought some of their savings with them and bought beautiful silver necklaces with matching bracelets, each with a different horse medallion. We walked there and back as it was on campus, so the whole thing was almost three hours of our day.

We came home, regrouped and then went out to dinner. There's an excellent Mexican restaurant here in town that I just love, so we went there and split a large meal together; complete with shirley temples, a virgin strawberry margarita and carmel flan. YUM!!

Then on the way home we decided to go on another 'adventure'. That's what we call them, when we spontaneously make a turn down a road we haven't been down before. We passed amazing countryside, horses and ranches. We found a lake with playground, fishing, swimming and a nice bike trail that loops around and back to Cheney! What a find!! We're so excited to go back there this summer with our bikes and fishing poles!

We just got home and the sun has just set on the most perfect Mother's Day for me. A day that I throw everything else out the window and just enjoy my number one desire in life---to play with and love my kids for an entire day! We made such great memories today and perhaps even have started a new tradition for Mother's Day....

May each and every one of you mothers out there experience the sweet joy and peace of motherhood this weekend!

We love and miss you all---and are always aware and ever grateful for the endless support that has strengthened and fortified our family to be where we are today...take comfort in knowing you have empowered us to enjoy such a day as today...

Tasha - Grace - June - Peter