Thursday, February 18, 2010


Many of you have heard that my stepfather (since I was 4) was killed in a car accident Monday February 15, 2010 at about 5:30pm. Dad had come to visit us for the weekend in Cheney. He had just left our house about 5:00pm. Multiple news stations that covered the accident on the radio, TV and internet. (read here) The shock and tragedy of his passing has been acute in every possible way. We love him and miss him so much.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our family, extended family and especially for the grandchildren.
Below are some of the pictures I've taken over the last two days. Some are difficult to see. My hope is that for those who need to see, they have that opportunity. (((HUGS))) ='0l


Anonymous said...

((crying with you my dear friend))

there are no words ... my heart just aches for your loss, and so many others. I know this pain all too well, and wish so much that neither of us were experiencing it.

how thankful I am for my testimony of the plan of salvation, and to know and understand that we will be reunited with our loved ones someday.

he was most definitely a wonderful man/father/grandfather, and I know that you and your children brought him immeasurable joy and happiness!!!

I wish you and your family much peace and comfort through this trying time of loss and adjustment. you are all in my prayers.

I love you so much, and am SO thankful to have you in my life ... this journey wouldn't be as bearable without you, my love!

((hugs)) for you and yours ...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

So sorry!! You're in our prayers. Love you!

Anonymous said...

We are hoping every time you pass by this section of the hwy., God cups your hearts in his hands. Love Aunt Kathy

Gerhard said...

You don't know me and I knew your Dad for a mere four months. He had joined the (Woodinville) Bible Study Fellowship class in November and was among 14 men whom I'm blessed to lead in the discussion of the book of John this year. He wasn't at our regular Monday meeting on the 15th and I did not learn of the accident and his death until yesterday just hours before we met again for bible study. We are all praying for you, for his family and friends in the knowledge that Cary is with the Lord.

Warm regards, Gerhard Ade